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Buying carpet for your house can be fun, but you need to know what to look for ahead of time so that you don't feel overwhelmed. The following tips and advice can give you a better idea of where to start.

What to Look for and Consider Before You Buy Carpet

People buy carpet for all kinds of reasons. Many times it is because of the many benefits carpet provides, such as insulation and a softer ground. Other times they are looking to update the look and decor of a space. Changing the carpet can truly have the perfect positive and dramatic effect. Whether you are looking to install carpet in an area that isn't currently carpeted or desperately need to replace that filthy old carpet in the living room, learn about what you should consider before making your final purchase.

Should You Replace the Carpet?

If you want carpet in an area that isn't currently carpeted, you don't have to worry about this. However, if there is carpet in an area and you are doubtful as to whether you should have it replaced or not, you can check out the following tips. Keep in mind that certain carpets that are more expensive and of better quality may not need replacing right away if cared for properly. If your carpet fibers are still strong and sturdy but the carpet looks filthy and stained, your best bet would be to first have it professionally cleaned before considering a replacement. Having your carpet professionally cleaned can make a huge difference in its appearance. Contact Charlotte Cleanpro right now at (980) 349-6335 and get the expertise and opinion of the most reliable carpet cleaning company today.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpet

  • Consider the area where the carpet will go. When you are looking for a carpet you need to consider the space it will be placed in. What surrounds the area? Windows? An entrance or door? Is it a high-traffic area? Will there be a lot of furniture surrounding it? Make note of all of this and remind yourself of what kind of look you want from a carpet. Do you want it to look formal or elegant? Are you looking for something more comfortable and casual? If you are buying carpet for a high foot traffic area you may want to avoid very light colors that will make dirt very obvious. Also, consider the type of carpet fibers that you will be selecting.
  • Carpet color. If you are starting with a blank space, it is easier to select the carpet you want. You can base your furniture and paint selections on the color of the carpet. If the space is already furnished as set up, you will have to make your carpet selection based on the already existing color scheme. Keep in mind the color scheme of the room, the furniture, and the decor in order to best select a carpet that will match with the space and functionality of the room. Focus on the tone of the things you have and then select a carpet you like that also matches the surrounding area. Neutral colors are usually the best choice and can enhance almost any environment without drawing unwanted attention to the floor. For more home decor color ideas that will help you choose the right carpet color, take a look at this article on how to pick a color palette for your home. 
  • Carpet fiber material. There are different types of materials used for carpet fibers. Among the most common are wool, polyester, nylon, and triexa. Wool is the most natural type of fiber and it cleans well but stains easily. Polyester is the most ecological type of fiber because it is created out of recycled materials. Polyester has zero static, but it does not have the best resilience. Once badly crushed, it doesn't ¨bounce back¨ easily. Nylon is among the most preferred types of carpet fibers because of its newer stain resistant benefits. It is resilient, doesn't deteriorate easily, and is perfect for high foot traffic areas, such as living rooms. It also looks great in less used spaces. Triexa is a newly developed carpet fiber that has great resistance and good resilience to spills and stains. It took over 20 years to develop it, but it is among one of the best carpet fibers on the market. For more on the types of carpets styles and fibers available in today's market, take a look at this easy to understand information from Luna's carpet and flooring guide.

Make Your New Carpet Last with the Help of a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Cabarrus

It is important to keep in mind that all carpets need to be eventually replaced, but you can prolong the lifespan of your carpet by taking proper care of it. Take care of your carpet from day one by having it regularly cleaned by a professional. Charlotte Cleanpro is the best choice for all your carpet care solutions. Call them now at (980) 349-6335.

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