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Keeping your home clean and tidy is no easy task, with many homeowners running out of time and focusing on the primary items such as their floors and surfaces. But what about upholstered items?

It doesn’t take long before upholstered items like your couch and dining chairs start to accumulate dirt, dust, and a range of stains which cause them to look worn and aged. Even if they are relatively new. If allowed to continue, these items can become so dirty that they not only start to lose their appeal but they also bring down the overall look and feel of your living spaces.

Why Get Professional Upholstery Cleaning?

The majority of homeowners would love to see these items returned to a better state, however not only lack the time but also the equipment and knowledge of how to do this correctly and without causing further damage. If this sounds familiar, Charlotte Cleanpro has the following post to share about the benefits of hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service.

Bring New Style into Your Home

All homeowners want to feel proud of their home when guests arrive, however then people walk in and see a dirty and stained couch or dining set then it can immediately set a bad tone for the rest of the house. And while each homeowner will have done their best to remove stains, there is only so much which they can do. Professional upholstery cleaners are experts at the task and, in addition to utilizing their extensive experience and knowledge, are also armed with professional grade cleaning tools and fluids. Combined, this can result in couched being returned to their former glory in no time, ready to accept guests. However, this service acts as more than just dirt and stain removal. Over time, residents will become accustomed to how the couch looks and often have forgotten what the original color was or if the couch included any intricate designs or patterns. A professional upholstery cleaning can not only remove dirt but often brings new life and new style to the room and home.

Mold Removal

All homeowners know just how problematic mold can be and the struggle which comes with trying to keep it from your kitchen, bathroom, and even your laundry. However, these aren’t the only places where mold growth can occur. If you don’t clean spills from between the cushions of your couch or you do and the area doesn’t dry properly, then this can encourage mold growth. That’s right, mold growing in your couch! Professional Cleanpro cleaners use a mixture of their proprietary cleaning tool alongside a purpose designed cleaning solution, which requires a fraction of the liquid you will use yourself trying to perform the same task. The result? A clean and stain-free couch or dining set which is clear of mold and ready to be used within a matter of hours. If you aren’t sure when your last professional upholstery cleaning service was, there has never been a better time to call Charlotte Cleanpro and book an appointment. Call today at (980) 349-6335 and prepare your couch, dining suite, and even your carpets for the holiday season and visitors which accompanies it.

No Damage

There is no denying that supermarket cleaning products remove stains from your couch. However, if you stand back you will also notice that they have either lightened the color of the area you just cleaned or they have caused damage to the fibers in your couch. Neither are desirable outcomes when you just wanted to remove a stain. Professional upholstery cleaning services are able to give your upholstered items a thorough clean without damaging the fibers or reducing the color. The result is an even clean without any visible damage to your furniture items.

Remove Bacteria and Germs

Mold isn’t the only health hazard which could be growing in your couch or underneath your dining chairs. A range of germs and bacteria could be calling these places home, leading to a reduction in the air quality within your home. This is not only problematic for allergy sufferers in your home but especially troublesome if you have little ones crawling over your furniture and trying to eat your cushions. The easiest and by far the quickest way to remove these nasties from your upholstered furniture is with a professional clean. The cleaning tools used ensure a thorough clean and the solution which works alongside it ensures that all of these germs are neutralized.

The Best Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte

If you are expecting family to visit this holiday season or you are looking at your couch and you can’t remember which color it used to be, pick up the phone and call Charlotte Cleanpro at (980) 349-6335 to book an appointment. Along with your upholstered items, take the opportunity to also book a high-quality carpet cleaning service as well.

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