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Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their underlay, however, your underlay can determine the comfort of your home. This article has some information to help you understand more.

It would be reasonable to say that homeowners spend the majority of their time deciding on the carpet they want to install and barely give any thought to the underlay which gets paid underneath, more-often-than-not simply choosing the cheapest option or the type suggested by their contractor or carpet installer. If this sounds familiar to you and you are about to install carpet in your home, below is a great article from Pima Cleanpro with some information about the different types of underlay on offer and how you and your home can benefit.

Start with Your Budget

The first place to start is with your budget, not particularly rising it, but at the least protecting it. The challenge comes from the cost of a total renovation. When homeowners look for areas to trim their budget, their carpet and, in particular, their underlay, can seem like an easy target, often resulting in a budget which allows little, if any, choice. With this in mind, as you read the below article, be sure to give serious consideration to the type of underlay you want and the benefits you want to see from it, and give this section of your budget a little more protection when cuts start to be made.

A Quieter House

Relaxing at home can be a difficult enough challenge as it is after a long day at work, without the added headache of hearing people walking and moving furniture in the rooms above you. Of course, if you also have noise restrictions or regulations in your apartment building, then this can also cause a different range of problems. With this in mind, give thought to just how much noise you currently hear and how much you would like to diffuse, and allow this to guide your underlay choice. While it may not seem important, a good-quality underlay can be the difference between a peaceful house and one where you can’t relax. If you can’t recall the last time that your carpets were professional cleaned or you are tired of looking at a stain which you haven’t been able to remove, Pima Cleanpro can help. To find out more about their professional carpet cleaning services or to make a convenient carpet cleaning appointment, call today at (520) 954-2119.

Temperature Control

Keeping your home cool during the summer and warm during winter isn’t always an easy task, especially if you don’t have a range of expensive appliances such as ducted air conditioning or heating systems. This is one area in which the right underlay can actually help. While it can’t be expected to replace the service or a climate control unit, choosing the right underlay can go a long way to keeping the temperature inside your home regulated, retaining heat during cold months and releasing it during the warmer months.

Moving Your Furniture

The marks left on the carpet can often prevent them from rearranging their furniture as much as they would like and can limit the design flexibility which a homeowner has. If you like the idea of keeping the design of your home fresh, look for an underlay which helps by returning to its previous state shortly after heavy furniture items have been moved, also lifting your carpet in the process. When choosing an underlay based on this feature you will notice that it will be thicker than most, which you should keep in mind when choosing your carpet.

Walking on Cloud-9

If you are looking for comfort as you walk around your home then the feeling will depend on more than just a high-quality and fluffy carpet. In addition, you will need to choose an underlay which has been designed for comfort. Of course, this can also be used in reverse, with homeowners choosing a thick underlay to provide extra comfort to a carpet which doesn’t provide much, or to add an underlay which can absorb much of the weight which is pushed through a fluffy carpet.

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Pima Cleanpro has the experience and professional carpet cleaning equipment to bring your carpet back to life and to remove any unwanted stairs you have been struggling with. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that their ION exchange cleaning system allows for you to walk on your carpet within hours after the service has been completed, not days! Call today at (520) 954-2119 and book your next carpet cleaning or furniture cleaning appointment.

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