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If you find yourself saying no to hosting parties because you are worried about what state your carpets will be left in, this article is here to help with tips to prepare your home for a party. Carpets are a strange thing. We love our carpet so much that we want to show it off to everybody in the neighborhood. Yet, on the other hand,  we also don't want people actually walking on the carpets!

What to do? What to do?!

If you are looking for a comfortable mixture of entertaining and minimal carpet stains, Charlotte Cleanpro has just the article for you!

Stop Dirt at the Front Door

One of the biggest stain causes is simply dirt. Not dirt that one single person walked into your home, but the accumulation of dit which a number of guests all waked in. For example, if all guests who enter walk the same path into your home then you can expect a long line of dirt to accumulate throughout the night and guest come in and out of your home. The best way to prevent this is by king your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home. While this may work for a small gathering, it might not be entirely practical for large gatherings. For these events, a rough metal mat right outside your door is the best way to encourage guests to give their feet a confident wipe and stomp. Once guests are in your home, provide a secondary softer mat which can pick up any leftover dirt but more to give your guests a nicer welcome to your home.

Ouch! I Mean...Sorry!

That is the last thing that you want to hear at a party because it often follows a spill or stain. Instead of crossing off your clumsy friends from your invitation list, prepare for them. Walk around your home taking wide steps and always looking down at your floor. If your feet run into any obstacles during your journey, either move it out of the way or remove it from the room entirely. If it is too late and you are looking down at a glaring stain which just won't come out, then help is at hand. Give Charlotte Cleapro a call at (980) 349-6335 to find out how their ION exchange cleaning method can not only bring your carpets back to life but you can also walk on your clean carpet in a matter of hours, not days!

What Are You Serving?

The type of food that you serve will determine the amount of spills and stains which you can expect at the end of the night. For example, if you are planning on serving food with sauces then you are really just serving potential stains. Instead, look for foods which aren’t likely to cause too many problems, such as fried foods which have the flavor baked in or chips without dip or salsas.

Where and How?

Instead of putting small tables around your home with food and rinks, create a food safe area, such as in your kitchen or an outdoor entertaining area which is easy to clean and only service your food there. To further keep spills in these easy to clean areas, don't’ provide plates. Plates encourage guests to load up with food and walk around the party socializing and, eventually, dropping their food. No plate, fewer spills.

Hire Help

Of course, there are going to be areas of your home where guests congregate to talk, either sitting on a couch or standing in a nice area. Instead of encouraging guests to stay outside or away from these nice areas, hire rugs which you can place in these areas to catch stains and protect your carpet. Don’t be afraid - the rugs which you will hire are designed to be heavy duty are designed to hide stains as best as possible along with handle the foot traffic.

Profesional Carpet Cleaning in Harrisburg, NC

It doesn't matter if you have been trying to get a stain our for days or you have noticed that your carpets have begun to smell,  all carpets need and benefit from regular professional carpet cleaning in Harrisburg, NC. Give the friendly experts at Charlotte Cleanpro a call at (980) 349-6335 to learn more about the ION exchange cleaning process and how it can breathe new life into your carpets and remove stubborn stains. Experts in the field, Charlotte Cleanpro are the best providers of carpet cleaning in Harrisburg, NC and are ready to make a convenient appointment for you.

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