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Despite what most homeowners believe, carpet doesn’t last forever. In fact, many carpets come with a pretty accurate life-span guarantee. Of course, there is a number of factors which can reduce its lifespan. When it comes to carpets, it’s definitely a ‘pay for what you get’ affair. However,...
While every homeowner spends time and effort choosing the right carpet, the same can’t be said for their underlay. For this reason, many homeowners find themselves dealing with carpet problems in the future. Many of these problems could have been solved if the homeowner gave their carpet...
Do you want to take the best care of your carpets? Do you want your carpet to look its best and last longer? This article has some great information to help you achieve just that!

If you are new to owning a home or you are living out of your parents for the first time, your first instinct when...
Would you say that you are a well-versed spring cleaner? Do you consider yourself a spring cleaning expert? If you do, then you likely have all of the spaces in your home covered on your list, right?

Spring cleaning time tends to bring out two types of people. There are those who love nothing...
Have you managed to design a wine which doesn’t stain or, even better, a carpet which can actually defend itself against stains forever? If so, stop reading and get to the patent office! 

Unfortunately, if you haven’t been able to create either of these things, then there is a good chance...

Keeping mold out of your bathroom can seem like an impossible task, but have you ever thought about trying to remove it from underneath your carpet? This article can help prevent just that! When it comes to keeping mold out of your home and, in particular, out of your carpet, during the summer...
Vacuuming is a must if you have carpeted floors in your home. If you want your vacuuming sessions to be as effective as possible, follow the tips in this post by Charlotte Cleanpro

How to Vacuum Your Carpets Clean

With the amount of dead skin cells that accumulate on your carpets, the...
When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, it can be tempting to choose floorboard or polished concrete. However, neither come close to providing the same level of benefits as carpet! Whether you are designing a new home or renovating the one you currently live in, changing your...
If you find yourself saying no to hosting parties because you are worried about what state your carpets will be left in, this article is here to help with tips to prepare your home for a party. Carpets are a strange thing. We love our carpet so much that we want to show it off to everybody in...
Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. They all have different cleaning methods and different results. How will you be able to know if you're choosing the right company to clean your carpets? This post will tell you some of the qualities you should look for.

The Qualities Your Carpet...

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