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When it comes to vacuuming your home, it’s important to make the most of your time, which means using the right tools for the job.

If you are like most homeowners, then chances are that you only use the one regular vacuum attachment. You likely didn’t even bother to look through the box to see which other types of attachments were included.

What Do Your Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Do?

If this sounds like you, then Charlotte Cleanpro has a great post to share about the different types of vacuum attachments which are likely stored in your attic, and how you can use them to improve your vacuuming and reduce your cleaning time.

Extension Tool

Easily the most convenient of all of your vacuum attachments is the extension tool. This is the long hose attachment which ends in a thin intake area. This can be used in a number of situations, including:
  • Reaching your ceiling.
  • Cleaning your lights.
  • Cleaning behind large furniture items, such as couches and display cabinets.
  • Cleaning under furniture items.
Of course, if you have any other hard-to-reach spaces in your home then this is the tool to help you clean them. However, you do have to be careful when using this tool. It can be easy to cause marks on your ceiling if the attachment is dirty.

Ceiling Fan

If you have a strange ‘L’ shaped attachment which kind of looks like an ice hockey stick then you are likely looking at your ceiling fan attachment. Now that you know what it’s for, its shape probably starts to make sense. This attachment is designed for and best suited for cleaning the top of your ceiling fans, however, it can also be used to remove dust and dirt from the top of tall furniture items or appliances. If you can’t remember the last time that your carpets received a professional carpet cleaning in Charlotte, speak with Charlotte Cleanpro at (980) 349-6335 and book an appointment. Using their proprietary ION exchange carpet cleaning system and accompanying cleaning fluid, Charlotte Cleanpro can bring your carpet back to life without causing damage. Best of all, they'll leave your carpets ready to be walked on in a matter of hours, not days!

Upholstery Cleaner

You need to do more than just vacuuming your carpet to remove dirt and dust from the environment. In addition, you also need to clean your upholstered furniture items, such as your couch and dining furniture. To perform this task, you can use the upholstery attachment. This attachment will be small, flat, and will include a strip of felt or material, often red in color. Using this attachment will help to remove dirt, dust, and lint from your upholstered items without causing the type of damage harsh brushes can. Of course, if you have any blankets of clothes which have lint on them, you can also use this attachment to remove it. It's important to remember that this uses the power of your vacuum cleaner so be careful not to damage your items.

Pet Groomer

While you may not believe it, one of the attachments included with your vacuum cleaner is a pet groomer. This is often a small attachment with a round nozzle surrounded by bristles. Using this with your pet can be a great way to remove dirt and dust from their coat comfortably. If possible, when using this attachment with your pets, consider reducing the power of your vacuum cleaner as the noise generated from the machine can be troublesome to dogs.

Dusting Brush

If you have a lot of glass surfaces then you know just how troublesome dust buildup can be. However, you also know that you can’t use your regular vacuum cleaner attachment to clean it away. Instead, look for your dusting brush attachment. It is likely round in shape and has long soft bristles around the intake. The bristles are designed to be soft enough to move and remove dust without causing damage to glass or wooden furniture items. When using this, despite its design, it's important that you still take care of fragile surfaces, such as glass and wood, so as not to cause scratches.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte

In addition to your regular vacuuming and housework, it’s important that you also treat your carpets to regular carpet cleanings in Charlotte to remove stubborn stains and bring them back to life. To find out more about how Charlotte Cleanpro and their ION exchange carpet cleaning system can breathe new life into your carpets, speak with an expert at (980) 349-6335.

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