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Nobody could ever be accused of spring cleaning their home too thoroughly. After all, it’s a once-a-year event. This article includes tips to help strengthen this year’s spring cleaning list.

There is no denying the power of your regular cleaning schedule and home maintenance routine. However, over time, personal effects and general junk are left behind until you can barely see your surfaces anymore and your regular clean is only barely keeping up.

Bring Your Home Back to Life

A thorough spring clean gives your family and your home a fresh start and a clean living space. This spring, Charlotte Cleanpro has prepared some time which can either be added to your already extensive list or be used to start creating one.

The Exterior of Your Home

The first place to start is outside, with the exterior of your home. The reason why this is where you start is that it’s likely one aspect of your home which wouldn’t have made it on to your list, despite the weather conditions your house suffers through. A quick tour of your home with your family is enough to see which items need to be taken care of. These items could be:
  • A clogged drain pipe.
  • Dirt or grime buildup on the paint.
  • Raking away debris and cleaning up around your home.
Whatever you can identify, be sure to take care of it during your spring clean. Many times, small problems with the exterior of your home can be remedied easily and cost-effectively if addressed early. When you perform this task, it’s important you can identify the difference between a DIY task and one which requires professional service. For example, if your grouting needs cleaning, best leave a job like this up to a professional, to ensure you don’t cause damage to your home.

What Is Your Furniture Hiding?

Nobody likes to move heavy furniture around all day long. However, given that it’s only one day for your spring clean, this year, make the effort. Instead of vacuuming around these items, this spring clean, move them entirely and thoroughly clean the space underneath and behind them. Not only is this the best way to ensure a thorough vacuuming, but it also provides you with the opportunity to identify any problems. For example:
  • If water was spilled underneath your couch and left, then mold could be growing without you knowing.
  • An entertainment unit or display cabinet can be hiding cracks or even water damage.
These, any may other potential problems, would otherwise go unnoticed, leading to them becoming worse. If your couch has seen better days, consider a professional upholstery cleaning service. Similar to a carpet cleaning service, the professionals at Charlotte Cleanpro can utilize their ION Exchange carpet cleaning system to remove stains and bring your upholstered items back to life. Call today at (980) 349-6335 to book your appointment.

Dark Spaces

Putting away cleaning fluid which is still dripping or putting away pots and pans teeming with steam and moisture straight out of the dishwasher is a recipe for mold growth and damage. During your spring clean, either use a flashlight or your cell phone light to inspect all of your cabinet and any other dark storage spaces which you can think of. In addition to cleaning these spaces, if you can see any mold or another type of damage, don’t ignore it. Remove all of the items and tend to the problem during your spring cleaning time. Then, once the area is clean and dry, not only replace the items, but consider changes you can make to your routine to prevent wet items being placed back into these spaces.

Carpets and Rugs

The best way to keep your carpets looking good is with regular vacuuming. However, while these sessions are great at removing the majority of debris which makes its way onto your carpet, it won’t remove pollutants or stains. In contrast, a professional carpet cleaning service provides a deep clean to your carpet, both cleaning it of pollutants and nasties and thoroughly washing your carpet fibers, helping them to look their best for longer. When considering profesional carpet cleaning,  be sure to .avoid traditional steam cleaning services which can cause damage to your carpet.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte

If you can’t remember the last time that your carpets received a professional carpet cleaning or your tiles and grout are in need of attention, Charlotte Cleanpro can help. Call today at (980) 349-6335 to find out about their expert experience and professional services they can provide to boost the results of your spring clean this year.

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