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No Matter How Great Your Carpet Is, It Still Needs to Be Cleaned and Eventually Replaced

Carpets are made to be durable and last for quite some time, but they aren't made to last forever. Unfortunately, this means they will need to be replaced eventually. Good maintenance and professional cleaning prolong the lifetime of your carpet, but they cannot prolong it forever. That is why today we want to discuss some of the signs that will help you decide whether it is time to change your carpet or if having it professionally cleaned can suffice.

The Durability of Your Carpet Is Determined by Many Factors

Most carpets are made to last anywhere from three to about eight years. If you are very diligent about your carpet's care, maintenance, and professional cleaning, your carpet can probably last a good 10 years. However, it's important that you're aware that carpets will accumulate dirt and debris over time. All of this seeps in very deep and accumulates through the years, causing your carpet to become overloaded. This means that when you walk or even vacuum it, there is so much dust that it is released back into the air. Making sure you replace your carpet in time will help you avoid unwanted air pollution and allergens in your home. The padding also wears out and begins to give the carpet a slightly uneven look and a weird feel when you walk on it. Perhaps the most obvious reason to change your carpet is because of aesthetic concerns. A dirty and old looking carpet is never very attractive, and, therefore, when it is far too worn out, it is time to get rid of it.

Factors That Can Help Determine Whether Your Carpet Needs to Be Replaced or Not

  • Lifestyle. This influences more than you think. If you don't have any kids or pets, your carpet does not suffer as much as a carpet that only gets occasional guests. Also, carpet owners that don't have children or pets are a lot more likely to have friends over as part of a regular routine. This usually means that they place great care into having their house clean and their carpets spotless so that it can be ready for visits. However, for busy owners that are chasing after kids all day and reminding everyone to leave their shoes outside, it can be overwhelming to try and keep a clean carpet. When this happens, don,t fret and leave the rest to the professionals.
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  • Stains. Many stains are easy to deal with if you act fast. However, there are tougher stains that can start to invade your carpet and create a very unappealing look on your flooring. When a carpet is not properly cared for and stains are left untreated, they can start to overrun the carpet. If they become numerous, the carpet may be better off being replaced. If you only have a few stubborn stains and your carpet is fairly new, then it might be worth the effort of trying to remove them, having the carpet restored, or getting it patched.
  • Torn up and worn out carpet fibers. When carpet starts presenting several rips, tears, and deteriorated fibers, you may start thinking about replacing it. Carpets with polyester fibers tend to be the ones that lose their form faster and tend to tear up more quickly. Professional carpet cleaning will rarely improve the resilience of a polyester carpet. However, carpets made out of nylon material tend to do much better. If the only problem is a small rip here or there or a matted down carpet, it can probably get repaired. Professional cleaning may also be able to help a nylon carpet recover its sturdier shape. If the carpet seems to be filled with loose threads and tears everywhere, evaluate those areas and the damage so you can weigh the option of replacing or repairing the carpet.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Harrisburg

The Cleanpro System leaves your carpet looking like new and is very efficient in fighting off stains, odors, bacteria, and other factors that wear out your carpet faster. At Charlotte Cleanpro, they have the best and most professional carpet care experts that can help combat these carpet issues. They are always ready to answer your questions, so don't hesitate to contact them today at (980) 349-6335. Let the professionals determine whether your carpet needs to be replaced or just professionally cleaned more regularly.

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