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Most pets love getting on the couch or any piece of furniture that they find comfortable, which makes keeping your house and furniture clean a challenge. Don't worry; there are simple ways you can share your favorite place on the couch with your pet and still enjoy it being clean and protected. Below are some tips from Cleanpro Charlotte to help you maintain your furniture in the best shape.

How to Keep Your Furniture Clean and Protected

Choose Pet-friendly Fabrics for Your Furniture

Choosing the right kind of fabric for your furniture can be one of the best things for assuring to keep your furniture nice and clean. If you are thinking about getting a new couch or furniture piece, having some knowledge about the best fabric options can come in handy. Some fabrics are easier to clean and more pet-resistant than others. Here are the best and most commonly used furniture fabrics for pet owners:
  • Woven fabrics: woven fabrics have more dimensionality than other materials. Therefore, they are good at disguising stains and hiding pet hair. Choosing a dark shade or a multi-color pattern can be the best option; they disguise stains and are also good at hiding or making scratches less noticeable.
  • Microfiber or synthetic fabrics: synthetic fabrics are very good at preventing odors. They are also convenient, easy to clean, and more resistant to tears. Synthetic fabrics stand longer and are almost 'claw-resistant.' Cats usually stay away from scratching this kind of fabrics as they tend to dislike the material.
  • Leather: there are different types of leather. Despite leather being more prone to scratches, when choosing the right kind, it can be pet-friendly. Leather doesn't attract pet hair and is easier to clean. Stains and spills can be cleaned easily, and it wears minor damage.

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Check Your Pet Before Entering the House

Your pet can get really dirty, especially after a long afternoon of playing in the garden. Checking if your pet is noticeably dirty or has dirt in its paws is a quick and easy way to prevent your house and your furniture from getting dirty. Keeping a doormat or an old towel in your doorway is an easy way of avoiding dirt from coming in. Also, keeping pet cleaning products near the entries can add an extra element to make sure your house stays clean.

Groom Your Pet Frequently

Taking your dog to a grooming salon or grooming him at home is also a great option. Making sure your pet is clean and has short nails will aid in having clean furniture. It will also prevent damage from scratching. Combing your pets at home also prevents shedding and ensures that your furniture is as hair-free as possible.

Protect Your Furniture

Covering your furniture with slipcovers or easier to clean fabrics ensures a long life for your furniture. Pets tend to have a favorite chair to sleep on or a favorite spot on the couch. By putting a blanket over these areas of your furniture, you prevent them from wearing down and getting dirty. There are also products you can apply to the fabric of your furniture to make sure it stays clean and protected for months. You can keep your furniture clean and protected with Cleanpro's Professional's Upholstery Protector. To speak to the cleaning experts at Cleanpro Charlotte call (980) 349-6335.

Create a Special Area for Your Pet

Designating a special area in your house for your pet can help to keep them away from your furniture. Getting your pet a comfortable bed or a blanket or a large piece of fabric that resembles the material of his favorite couch can be an excellent idea. Put your pet's toys in his designated area and buy toys that they can chew on or destroy. Also, getting your cat a scratching post can help to keep them away from damaging your furniture.

Set Some Boundaries

If you recently got your pet, then it's the perfect time to set some boundaries. Restricting the areas of the house or furniture pieces they are not allowed to be in is essential. By doing this, they will learn where they are allowed and not allowed to be. If your pet is older or has been with you for a long time, try closing your living room door or restricting the accessibility to the areas of the house.

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