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You don't have to kick your pet out of your home in order to maintain your carpets at their best. To ensure your carpet stays clean even with Fido around, use these tips.

Tips to Help You Keep Your Carpets Clean and Your Pets Happy

Having your pets live in your home with you can be a rewarding experience, but it can lead to some issues. In most cases, you'll have to do some extra cleaning just to keep your home looking tidy. If your home is carpeted, this can result in even more work to keep your flooring fresh and clean. To help you accomplish this easily, use these tips.

Catch Your Pet on Their Way In

Most pets like to spend some time outdoors before running back inside onto their favorite piece of furniture. If this sounds like something your pet does multiple times a day, they may be dragging dirt, moisture, and other debris into your carpet and upholstery without you noticing. The best way to prevent this is by catching them at the entryway before they have a chance to jump on your carpet or furniture. When you catch them at the door, give their coat a quick cleaning and wipe their paws off to remove all the dirt and debris that may have gotten stuck to them. Keep in mind that a lot of dirt may be hidden in their paws, so clean these off thoroughly.

Get Your Entryway Ready

When you catch your pet on their way back inside, it can help to have your cleaning supplies ready at your door. If you take too long looking for a clean washcloth to wipe them down, they may wiggle away and already be snuggled up on your carpet before you realize it. Place a doormat on the inside of your home and keep clean washcloths, a brush, and even some water within arm's reach so that you can clean them off and dry them down before they make their way back inside.

Take Your Pet to the Groomers

Taking your pet to the groomers may seem like a luxury, but this can actually do wonders for your carpet. You may not realize it, but your pet may have an unpleasant odor which can get absorbed into your carpet. If your pet sheds, their hair can settle into your carpet and upholstery, making it look untidy. On top of that, grown out nails can lead to snags and tears on your carpet. All of this can be avoided with regular trips to the groomers where they can bathe your pet, give them a trim, and clip their nails. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is a must if you live with pets. If it's time for your next carpet cleaning, contact the best carpet cleaners around, Charlotte Cleanpro. Give them a call at (980) 349-6335 to learn all about their ION exchange carpet cleaning system and to schedule your next appointment.

Create a Vacuuming Schedule

If you're an experienced carpet owner, chances are you vacuum your home regularly. However, when there are pets in your home, you'll have to vacuum much more often to keep your carpet looking fresh. Vacuum at least a couple time a week to remove the hair, debris, and dander your pet may leave behind on the surface of your carpet. If you wait too long in between vacuuming sessions, all of this debris can penetrate deeper into your carpet causing it to develop a smell and look more worn down.

Reduce the Occurrence of Accidents

Potty training your pet is an absolute must if it's going to be living inside. This can reduce the number of accidents they have, helping to prevent your carpet from developing an unpleasant odor. If your pet is barely being potty trained, put restrictions on the rooms where it is allowed to roam. For example, if you have a very nice white carpet in your bedroom, a pet that is being potty trained shouldn't be allowed to wander this room freely. If your pet does have an accident, be sure to clean this up as quick as possible to prevent stains and odors from developing. Grab a clean washcloth and absorb as much of the moisture as possible to that it doesn't have a chance to settle deeper in your carpet.

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