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If you just found out that someone is coming over to your house and the place isn't all that clean, make sure you follow these tips to get your house ready for guests.

Tips to Quickly Clean Your House and Greet Your Guests in Time

With our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, it can be very hard to find the time to thoroughly clean the house every day. Even if we are usually constant about our house chores, it is usually during that one week we had everything pile up that we get a call that someone is coming over to visit. Yes, our first instinct is to freak out. However, the following tips can help you get going and make your home look presentable in no time.

Get Ready to Tackle the Mess and Have Your Home Looking Clean Fast

Get ready. First, prepare to tackle the mess. Grab two or three empty laundry baskets, a few old rags, and take out the vacuum so you can have it ready. Set? Go!

Start with Things That Are out of Place and That Make Areas Look Cluttered

Grab the first basket and rush through the house picking up all the dirty clothes that are laying around and take it to the laundry room. Next, grab another basket and pick up all the toys and items that are lingering on the floor or in places where they shouldn't be. This includes shoes and other items. Take that to the closet or another place where it is out of sight but that you will remember later so you can put each item away in its proper place when you have time. The third basket is for items that are making surfaces look cluttered. Quickly look at all the surfaces and anything that is in the wrong place. Put these items into the third basket and place it next to the second basket so you can put all that away later.

Dust and Wipe the Surfaces

Rush to grab a few of the rags and wipe the table and other areas that you just cleared. You don't have to thoroughly clean everything, just dust off the areas where dirt is most noticeable. Pay extra attention to the things that draw the most attention, such as the television screens and large picture frames, and make sure you dust these. Quickly place the dirty rags in the laundry basket and get going to the next task.

Take Care of the Kitchen

The sink is the area in the kitchen that gets noticed the most. If you have a pile of dirty dishes, quickly put them into the dishwasher. If you don't have a dishwasher and you are really short on time, just run water through them and take the gunk off the sink. Pile up the dirty dishes in the sink so they look somewhat organized. Then, be sure to put away any dishes that aren't in their place.

Quickly Vacuum!

Once you have that taken care of, rush to the vacuum and quickly run it through the main carpeted areas, especially those that get more foot traffic, such as the living room and entrances. For some great vacuuming tips, read this article on the Consumer Reports website.

Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean With Charlotte Cleanpro

The carpet is the main attraction in your home. It gets looked at a lot! That is why if your carpet is clean, it will make the rest of your home look good. If it's not clean, your cleaning efforts will be minimized. If you regularly have your carpet professionally cleaned, it will be a lot easier to quickly vacuum and have it looking fresh and tidy in no time. Contact Charlotte Cleanpro at (980) 349-6335 and make an appointment today so that your carpet can always be ready to greet your guests.

Get Your Bathroom Presentable

Lastly but quite as important as your carpet, is the bathroom. As soon as you walk in, add bleach to the toilet while you wipe the sink clean. Clean the mirror and quickly move on to scrubbing the toilet and wipe the seat clean with some disinfectant. Make sure you neutralize any odors with an effective air freshener and finally close off the bath tub so you can run outside and check if your guests have arrived. For more tips and ideas on how to quickly clean your home and tackle the mess, check out this article by

Have Your Carpet Looking Good with a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Don't let your carpet make your cleaning efforts go to waste. Instead, enhance the look and feel of your house by ensuring the carpet is in top shape. Call Charlotte Cleanpro today at (980) 349-6335 and let their expert professionals take care of all your carpet cleaning needs.

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