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While every homeowner spends time and effort choosing the right carpet, the same can’t be said for their underlay. For this reason, many homeowners find themselves dealing with carpet problems in the future. Many of these problems could have been solved if the homeowner gave their carpet underlay choice a little more care and thought.

What to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Underlay

With this in mind, Charlotte Cleanpro has some great items below to keep in mind when the time comes to either renovate your home or when building a new home from the ground up.

How Long Do You Want Your Underlay to Last?

Unfortunately, carpet underlay is often left off the list when decorating a home, leaving whatever budget is left over to becomes the ‘underlay budget’. While in some cases this may be a significant amount, for the majority of homeowners, the amount left is small, leaving limited choice when it comes to which underlay to install. Even though you may not see it happen, a low-quality underlay can easily and quickly begin to wear down, often much faster than your carpet. This can lead to spots on your carpet where the underlay has deteriorated so much that you can feel the uneven flooring as you walk. Of course, the only way to relay your underlay is to, you guessed it, pull up your carpets and then relay underlay before putting your carpets back down. Not a cost-effective effort. Instead, when it comes to choosing your carpet, be sure that you pay attention to the type of underlay you will want and choose one which can last the distance. While this may mean that your slightly budget limited when deciding on which carpet to install, it means that you can enjoy your carpets for much longer.

Keep in the Heat

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that their underlay can actually act as a pretty good insulator, working to keep the heat in your home for longer. Not only can this be a great benefit to the comfort level in your home, but it can also work to reduce your energy bills each month. You see, by keeping in the heat of your home, your electric heating appliances need to turn on less, helping to keep their usage down and, in turn, your power bill. If your carpet has seen better days or you just can’t seem to remove a troublesome stain, Charlotte Cleanpro can help. Thanks to their proprietary ION Exchange carpet cleaning method, Charlotte Cleanpro are the best people to call when your carpet is in need of professional carpet cleaning. Speak with a friendly expert today at (980) 349-6335 to find out more.

What’s That Noise?

Have you ever heard somebody practicing breakdancing on the ceiling above you, only to walk upstairs and find out that they were really just taking off their shoes or even just walking from one side of the room to another? While your carpet choice can help minimize this effect, in reality, the type and quality of the underlay you choose can have a much more significant impact on how much noise you hear from up above.

Frequent Furniture-Mover

Whether you like to move your furniture when you entertain of you just like to keep the style inside your home fresh and updated, moving heavy furniture which has been in place for a while can result in indents in your carpet. And while you may think that this is ‘just how it is going to be’, in reality, the right underlay can do wonders to help your carpet bounce-back after the furniture has been moved, leaving you with noticeably fewer indents in your carpet each time.


Of course, let’ not forget the most important benefit which can come from choosing the right underlay - comfort. If you prefer a solid floor to walk on then a firm underlay is going to be your best choice. However, if you are installing a light and soft carpet then you may want to bolster its level of comfort by choosing an underlay which is extra soft. Whichever you choose, be sure that the level of comfort you want is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the underlay for you, instead of just letting your budget decide.

Bring Your Carpet Back to Life with the Best Carpet Cleaning in Harrisburg

As much care and attention as you give your carpets, there will still be times when it needs a little more care than your regular methods can provide. For these times, be sure to speak with the best. Call Charlotte Cleanpro today at (980) 349-6335 and find out how their ION Exchange carpet cleaning method can not only bring your carpets back to life but do so without the need for harmful chemicals or damage which can be caused by traditional steam cleaning methods.

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