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Would you say that you are a well-versed spring cleaner? Do you consider yourself a spring cleaning expert? If you do, then you likely have all of the spaces in your home covered on your list, right?

Spring cleaning time tends to bring out two types of people. There are those who love nothing more than the challenge of removing as much grime and dirt from their home as possible in one activity. Then, of course, there are the rest of us who really don't want to undertake the activity, but we do it knowing that it's a good way to keep our home fresh.

Don't Forget These Areas When Performing Your Spring Cleaning

If you identify with the latter, then there is a good chance that your cleaning list isn't too thorough. To help you bolster it and make the most of your yearly cleaning time, Charlotte Cleanpro has a few spaces to add to your list.


If you are a thorough spring cleaner then there’s a good chance that you took all of the items from your refrigerator and your freezer and gave the entire machine a solid cleaning! You may have even gone so far as to include some vanilla essence to improve the smell. But after you had finished cleaning it and put the food items back in, did you clean underneath it? How about moving it so that you could clean the coils behind or the wall which it rests against? While it may not seem like it, these areas can accumulate a lot of dirt, including dust and natural debris. This spring, carefully move your refrigerator and sweep up all of the debris underneath. While you have access, carefully wipe the back of the refrigerator along with the wall which is likely also covered with dust.

Counter Tops

Before you exclaim that your countertops are such as basic cleaning item that it is on your regular cleaning schedule, how many times have you cleaned underneath each countertop? Chances are that you have never even considered the idea. And why would you? How much dirt can really build up underneath a countertop? The answer - a lot! Being a humid environment from the steam in your kitchen, moisture can easily build-up on exposed wood, creating the very real potential for mold growth. Along with this, dust also has a habit of finding a home in these spaces, working to reduce the quality of air in your home. This spring, be sure to add this item to your list. Of course, be sure to book a professional carpet cleaning appointment after your spring cleaning has been done to finish the job! Be sure to use the best in the business - Charlotte Cleanpro. Call today at (980) 349-6335 and find out how Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system can have your carpets looking as good as new in no time and ready to be walked on in a matter of hours!

Washing Machine

Just because it has the name washing in the title doesn’t mean that it will always stay clean. Along with general grime from your clothes, dust and grease can build up and come loose from the machine workings, leaving you with the potential for stained clothes and a washing machine which doesn’t smell good. In addition to running a cleaning mixture through an empty cycle, be sure to clean around the buttons, the lid, around the drum, and any access points you can see where dirt or grime could build up. You will be surprised at just how dirty your washing machine is when you take a thorough look.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Again, you likely already do this monthly as part of your cleaning roster. However, do you actually remove the grill from the fan or do you simply wipe away or even use your long-hose vacuum attachment to clean away what you can see? While this is an important task as part of your regular cleaning, when it comes to once-a-year tasks, it’s time to safely reach up to your bathroom fan, remove the grill, and give the vent and the grill a solid cleaning.

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When it comes to spring cleaning, the above are some great spaces which are often forgotten and which can accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and grime. Be sure to include them in this year's cleaning list. Of course, you can't provide your carpet with the cleaning it needs yourself. For that task, be sure to speak with a professional in the field. Call Charlotte Cleanpro at (980) 349-6335 to book a convenient appointment and give your carpets the treatment they deserve.

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