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When it comes to renovating your home or just giving one room an upgrade, it can seem like the default choice to choose carpet. But have you given thought to the benefits of choosing tiles instead? With the vast majority of homes being floored with a range of carpet styles and colors, it can often seem like a decision which doesn’t need to be made during a renovation - it’s simply just carpet.

Don’t Discount Tiles as a Flooring Option

And while carpeting your floors comes with a range of benefits and style options, it’s important to consider all of your options, including tiles and the many benefits which accompany them. Below is an article from Charlotte Cleanpro to help you with this decision and to give you more information about the benefits of tiles.

What Types of Stains Do You Expect?

The first item to consider when choosing a flooring is what types of stains you expect. Of course, services like Charlotte Cleanpro can remove a range of tough stains during a professional clean, but what about the everyday stains which you will take care of yourself? If you expect stains and marks like dirt, dry food like cookies and chips, or even the occasional water or drink spill, then carpet can be a good choice. Getting dirt or even a bit of water out of carpet is an easy enough task with your regular vacuum cleaner if you can ask quick enough. However, if you are expecting more, shall we say, difficult stains, such as wine, soda, greasy or food with dipping sauces, then tiles can be a great option. With tiles in place, stains such as these are easily cleaned up with a mop or even just some paper towel, even if they are left on the floor while you and your family finish your dinner. Spaces such as your dining room, living room, and even a kid’s playroom are great options for tiles.


When choosing your flooring, the level of comfort you want is equally as important as the types of stains you expect. The primary reason for this consideration is simply that tiles aren’t a flooring type which would be considered comfortable. This is where carpet really shines. However, don’t let this guide your thinking towards a house totally floored with carpet just because you want comfort. Take a look at your floor plan and consider the rooms where you and your guests will spend the majority of their time. Bedrooms and hallways, for example, see a lot of foot traffic and are the best places to consider carpet. Given that you will spend the majority of your time in these spaces, it’s okay to simply choose carpet for a few rooms, such as these, and then look at tiles as an option for rooms which don’t see much foot traffic but, as mentioned above, will likely see a lot of spills. Whether its tile cleaning in Charlotte or carpet cleaning in Charlotte, Charlotte Cleanpro are the experts to call. Utilizing their extensive experience and professional grade equipment, give Charlotte Cleanpro a call at (980) 349-6335 to find out how they can bring your carpets and your tiles, including your grouting, back to life!

Design and Style

The first thought which comes to mind when you think about style and flooring is to choose carpet. The primary reason for this is because carpets can include a range of patterns and colors. And while this is true, tiles can also bring their own level of style. Many homeowners and renovators think that their entire tiled floor needs to consist of the same tile design. However, this simply isn’t true. For example, a herringbone style of tiling with a range of colors is not only a stylish and attractive option but is a style which carpets can’t replicate. Another example of a design which carpets can’t replicate would be to utilize different colored tiles to either lead a path through your home or to surround areas such as your kitchen food preparation areas or even around your dining suite. This can result in a very purposeful look and is very modern and attractive design choice.

Energy Efficiency

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is the consideration of energy efficiency. If you live in a typically cold area and utilize your heater almost every day then carpet can often be the better choice, simply because it is able to retain heat better and can help to maximize the benefits your heating unit will provide. However, if you aren’t too worried about the cost of your energy bill, remember that under-tile heating can also be laid. With this in place, you can easily control the temperature of your tiles, making them less of a cold shock to walk on in the morning or as you enter your home.

The Best Tile Cleaning in Charlotte

If you choose tiles for your floor, it’s important to remember that they need a similar level of professional upkeep as carpets. From removing stains on individual tiles to grout cleaning, it’s always good to schedule regular professional cleans. Choose Charlotte Cleanpro at (980) 349-6335 to find out more about their professional tile cleaning in Charlotte or to book a convenient appointment. If your home is a mix of both tiles and carpet, be sure to let them know and book both your tile cleaning and carpet cleaning appointments together.

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