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Every homeowner wants their carpets to last longer, however, apart from not walking on them, what else can be done?

If you can remember back to when your parents would arrange professional carpet cleaning then you likely remember a machine called a ‘steam cleaner’. These were large devices which used a lot of water and left your carpets wet for days. While these machines were mildly effective in their prime, modern cleaning solutions techniques and solutions have taken over.

Do You Still Steam Clean Your Carpet?

If your knowledge of a steam cleaning machine is not only a memory but also your current method for treating your carpets to professional carpet cleaning, below is a great post from Charlotte Cleanpro with information about their ION Exchange cleaning system.

Do You Really Know What Steam Cleaning Is?

Take a minute to think about your most recent steam cleaning appointment. When the service arrived, they plugged the machine into a faucet, switched it on, and through the clear cleaning nozzle, you could see a constant flow of hot water moving through your carpet. Not steam. The reason why it looks as though your carpets are being soaked in hot water and not steam, is because that’s exactly what is happening. As the steam cleaning wand moves over your carpet, it soaks your carpet in hot water and chemical-filled cleaning solution before sucking much of it back up again. It is the use of so much water that you are told to stay off your carpets for a number of days.

How Is the ION Exchange Cleaning System Any Different?

Traditional steam cleaning and the ION Exchange cleaning system both use a cleaning wand attached to a portable machine. However, this is where the similarities end. Cleanpro's ION Exchange carpet cleaning system utilizes a purpose designed and environmentally friendly cleaning solution in combination with a small amount of water to thoroughly and gently remove stains and marks from your carpets. The reason why so little water is used is thanks to the ION exchange technology which powers the wand. To put it simply, once your carpets have been cleaned using Charlotte Cleanpro's ION Exchange cleaning system, they are ready to be walked on in a matter of hours, not days. To find out more or to book a convenient appointment, speak with a friendly carpet cleaning expert at Charlotte Cleanpro by calling (980) 349-6335.

How Does Utilizing the ION Exchange Cleaning System Benefit My Carpets?

Of course, walking on your carpets quickly isn’t just the only benefit to using Cleanpro ION Exchange cleaning system. Prevent Mold Growth Mold growth is more than just unsightly. It’s a health hazard for you, your children, your guests, and even your pets. Every homeowner knows just how quickly mold can grow on the bathroom ceiling or back the back of laundry spaces, which stays true for your carpets. Steam cleaning introduces and leaves a large amount of water in your carpet and its fibers which can remain for days when covered by furniture items too early. This creates a damp and dark environment at the root of your carpet fiber, providing the ideal climate for mold to grow. Cleanpro's ION exchange carpet cleaning system, on the other hand, uses very little water and cleaning solution. So little, in fact, that your carpets are completely dry within hours before mold has even had a chance to think about growing. Extend the Lifespan of Your Carpet Good quality carpet isn’t cheap, which means it’s important for all homeowners to care for their carpet to extend its lifespan. Unfortunately, traditional steam cleaning methods can actually do the opposite. In order to be effective, harsh chemicals are utilized along with gushing hot water which isn’t a smooth experience for your carpet. In fact, the use of traditional carpet cleaning methods can actually age your carpets prematurely. The key to cleaning your carpet without causing damage is to use as little solution as possible and to forego the need to flush out carpets with hot water. Cleanpro carpet cleaning system does this through ION exchange technology. This means that not only can the ION exchange cleaning system remove stains, but it can also do it without unnecessarily damaging your carpets.

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If you can’t remember the last time that your carpets were professionally cleaned or you are thinking about your next carpet cleaning, speak with Charlotte Cleanpro by calling (980) 349-6335 to find out how their ION exchange carpet cleaning system can bring your carpets back to life.

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