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Why the Winter Lets You Cherish Your Carpet Even More

Yes, keeping your carpet clean is not always easy and sometimes you may feel like getting rid of it. It takes work, effort, regular vacuuming and routine cleaning but during winter you will most likely be glad you have it. There are several upsides to having carpet in your home and today we want to share a few reasons to love and care for your carpet even more during the winter months.

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Carpet More This Winter

  1. Insulation. The carpet provides insulation for the interior environment of a home. During months where the temperature drops the carpet helps keep the home warmer. The insulation prevents the cold from intensifying and helps to retain the warmth. Believe it or not, carpet also as a psychological effect of warmth and coziness that can also assist in making your home feel a lot more pleasant and hospitable.
  2. Reduced electrical costs. Due to the insulation that the carpet provides, the need for electrical heating appliances can reduce. In many cases, the heater doesn´t have to work as intensely. All of this leads to a reduction in the electric consumption and therefore a decrease in the billing amount. Basically, your carpet can help you save money when it comes to your electric bill and heating costs.
  3. Keeps feet comfy. Carpet is also ideal for those cold winter morning when you wake up and don´t want to feel the cold hard floor in your feet. It keeps your home feeling comfortable and your feet safe from the chilly ground. This is especially good for children who don´t understand the importance of keeping their feet warm and away from the cold. 

  4. Less slips. The cold can also make the floor a bit more slippery. The carpet can also serve the very important purpose of preventing falls and slips. Small drops of snow from the outside can make their way inside, and no matter how small or careful you are water drops can go undetected and cause the floor to become a hazard. Having a carpet reduces this risk and makes your home safer. Also, elderly loved ones who need extra support when getting up can greatly benefit from having the carpet to walk with better grip and stability.
  5. Appearance. Not only does the carpet have many useful functions, it also serves a decorative one. Appearance means a lot when it comes to your home´s interior. A clean and attractive carpet can truly enhance the interior decoration of your home and create a more inviting look for your home. That is why you have to make sure that it stays in top shape. However, vacuuming isn´t the only thing your carpet needs. It also requires more extensive care and attention that only professional carpet cleaning can provide.

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