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Add Professional Carpet Cleaning to This Year´s To-Do List 

Now that the year has started, you have the chance to start fresh in every area of your life, and that includes your home. Your carpet is a significant part of your home and your family´s health. How you care for it will make a big...

Why the Winter Lets You Cherish Your Carpet Even More

Yes, keeping your carpet clean is not always easy and sometimes you may feel like getting rid of it. It takes work, effort, regular vacuuming and routine cleaning but during winter you will most likely be glad you have it. There are several...

The Need for Professional Carpet Cleaning During This Winter Season

In the first post, we discussed how your carpet does more than you realize. Not only does a clean carpet welcome your visitors warmly, it can also set the tone and feeling of your home. Taking care of your carpet is especially...

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